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Hydrology Emphasis

The University of Mississippi


Required Courses (M.S. and Ph.D., 13 hrs)

GEOL 505 Hydrogeology
GE 503 Environmental Geochemistry
ENGR 636 Groundwater Mechanics
ENGR 645 Contaminant Transport

Electives (at least 2 courses from this list for both M.S. and Ph.D.)

GE 518 Quantitative Methods of Analysis
CE 541 Flow In Open Channels
CE 542 Flow In Porous Media
CE 543 Sediment Transport
ChE 545 Colloid and Surface Science
GEOL 615 Geostatistics
ENGR 537 Environmental Engineering
ENGR 616 Isotope Hydrogeology
ENGR 637 Groundwater Modeling
ENGR 648 Numerical Modeling in Geoscience and Engineering

Additional courses in area of specialization

Additional courses may be from the electives list or other courses approved by the graduate student’s committee. Up to 3 hours of ENGR 695 (seminar) may be used as part of the required hours for graduation provided that the seminar schedule includes critiqued presentations by the enrolled students. Course work may include Special Topics classes, and classes offered outside the School of Engineering contingent upon approval by the student’s graduate committee.